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WSOP 2012 action bump
  sTrAtO, May 31 2012

Bumping my last thread. I'm leaving to LV this saturday so If anyone is interested in buying any piece of me is more than welcome.

10% left


Please read my last entry first

Thanks and cu all LPers at Las Vegas


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WSOP 2012 action
  sTrAtO, May 16 2012

The WSOP 2012 is a couple of weeks away and I can't wait to be in Las Vegas for my second series. Everything about it has me really pumped up and I'm looking forward to do well. I have good expectations for this trip and hopefully I'll run good in many of them.

I plan to play 17 events during this series, including the Main Event. Here's the full list of them:

1.Sun 3-Jun: Event #9B $1,500 NLHE
2.Thu 7-Jun: Event #16 $1,500 NLHE 6max
3.Sat 9-Jun: Event #19 $1,500 NLHE
4.Sun 10-Jun: Event #21 $1,000 NLHE
5.Sat 16-Jun: Event #31 $1,500 NLHE
6.Sun 17-Jun: Event #33 $1,000 NLHE
7.Wed 20-Jun: Event #38 $1,500 NLHE
8.Fri 22-Jun: Event #41 $3,000 NLHE
9.Sat 23-Jun: Event #43 $1,500 NLHE
10.Sun 24-Jun: Event #44 $1,000 NLHE
11.Mon 25-Jun: Event #46 $2,500 NLHE
12.Thu 28-Jun: Event #50 $5,000 NLHE
13.Sat 30-Jun: #Event #53 $1,500 NLHE
14.Sun 1-Jul: Event #54 $1,000 NLHE
15.Mon 2-Jul: Event #56 $1,500 NLHE
16.Wed 4-Jul: Event #59A $1,000 NLHE
17.Sab 7-Jul: Event #61A $10,000 NLHE Main Event

I'll arrive to LV on June 2 at noon and stay at a department in the Jockey Club with some friends and come back home on July 17, right after the Day 7 of the Main Event is over.

In order to be in the best possible shape, emotionally and phisically, I've been going to the gym for the last month and have tried to eat as healthier as possible. I hope I can stay on pace during LV although it is going to be very difficult.

Selling pieces of me
The total amount of buy-ins equals $37,500 USD and I'll sell 35% at 1.05:1 of this package:

So far I've sold 16% so theres 19% left
1% = $393.75
3% = $1,181.25
5% = $1,968.75
10% = $3,937.50

I'm hoping to do well in the saturdays $1.5k events so If I manage to do that, I won't be playing the $1k's on Sunday so you can be sure I will send back every money I don't get to use, obviously including the 5% mark up you send.

As far as I know, mexicans get taxed for 30% in cashes over $5,000 after the buyin. Ex: I cash $20k in the ME, the amount of taxes for this price is $3k: $20k-$10kbuyin = $10k*30%=$3k so the total amount I'd receive in this case is $17k.

EDIT: I read other post about taxes being taken from $5,000 after profit, so if that is the case and taking last example, the amount of taxes would be $1,500 and not $3,000. ($20k-$10kbuyin=$10k-$5k=$5k*0.30=$1,500). Wish I could know EXACTLY how this works though

I was also told that you can fight/receive back your taxes so in the case we win something big, I'll give back your share of them after I received them.

Even with it, I still think it's an +EV situation and be sure I'll play my best cause I got 65% of my action.

In the case you wanna buy a share of me, I would love to receive the money on Stars.

Personal Info

I've been a member of LP and TLPoker (latin sister of LP) for a long time and I consider myself a very trust worthy person and player. I have give over $50,000 in stakes and have send the money immediatly after the scores. I've never scammed anyone or have use stake-money in an irresponsible way. My PS status is Supernova Elite and as for live experiences I've played 4 LAPTs (1 FT in a 2nd chance and 2 cashes in the main events) and 1 WSOP ME (last year).

Some references:
nolan - met him in Punta del Este and knows I'm a good guy although we've never been in any kind of business or stakes

I have opt-in in OPR but haven't been updated yet in the site. I don't know if any other MTT tracking sites are working properly but I'm up like $250k in profit (FTP+Stars) with a little over $500k in winnings. My ITM % is over 15%. My ID is o_omx in both Stars and FTP.

My twitter is @stratomx
My full name is Francisco Rios ( )
I'm 24, married and have a baby of 2 years and 3 months old.

You can post here or send a PM to book your share. Please ask everything you'd like to know about me, my staying in LV, live experiences or whatever in case you think the information I've posted isn't enough.

Thank you.

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WCOOP ME updates
  sTrAtO, Sep 25 2011

Will post updates and information here.

10% player999 confirmed
10% sakisaki confirmed
5% Ket confirmed
5% Nightfox confirmed
5% drone666 confirmed
3.5% eso confirmed
6.5% in swaps

Sold/swapped 45%. Have 55% of myself.

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